What is the 7 Train Plan?

The diverse neighborhoods along the 7 Train and the small businesses that serve us are increasingly threatened by displacement. As a response, a committee of concerned neighbors has begun taking steps to create a community plan with the goal of defending our working class and immigrant neighborhoods.

Our Principles

  • Protect, from displacement, the homes, workplaces and businesses of the people who ​currently reside and work here.
  • Define affordable housing according to what is actually affordable.
  • Preserve and protect the small businesses that serve our diverse and immigrant communities.
  • Preserve and expand the stock of rent-stabilized, Mitchell Lama, Section 8, and NYCHA housing, particularly prohibiting the privatization and sale of NYCHA housing and land.
  • Prohibit luxury development to keep neighborhoods from being overwhelmed by speculative real estate.
  • Require that all housing built on public land shall be 100% low-income.
  • We are committed to ensuring that any plan put forth equally protects all neighborhoods along the 7 Train.